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A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Grace from WritefullyHis (http://www.writefullyhis.com/) at an all female Tory Burch Foundation event.  You can learn more about the Tory Burch Foundation here.

I was struck right away or should I say "write away" by how WrightfullyHis is impacting the world by providing writing supplies for children in need through sales of beautiful stationary! Think Toms for stationary. Genius right?! All in all everyone wins!
We knew we had to team up with Mary Grace and the WritefullyHis team for a give-a-way! What better time to pay of forward than in October! We decided to offer you some beautiful pink items to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

My mother is a 5 year Breast cancer survivor and I will be participating in the Avon Walk for Breast cancer at the end of October. This is my 5th year participating in the 39 mile, 2 days walk. 100% of the proceeds from this walk go to researching to find a cure.  You can learn more about the walk here
So it is very exciting for me to be able to offer you a give-a-way to not only support children in need but also raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer.  
To enter the give-a-way please visit the following link.

Carly Gardner

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