2015 Fashion Trends

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We are fortunate to be out in Vegas for the largest apparel show, called Magic.  You may also know this as Project. It can be kind of confusing so lets break it down! 

The parent company is called Magic.  There are divisions within Magic for the Project show (which takes place in Vegas and NYC).  There is...

WWDMAGIC- Women's Fashion
WSA @ MAGIC- Fast Footwear
SOURCING at MAGIC- Suppliers and Factories
PROJECT Vegas- Emerging Top Designers in Fashion
THE TENTS- Luxury Fashion brands
ENKVegas- Higher price point Women's Fashion
MEN'S- Men's Fashion ;)
POOLTRADESHOW- Cutting Edge Designs
Playground- Kid's Fashion

Ok now that you are a confused as we are!  Let's dig into the top trends that we saw!

1.  Touches of Gold
3. Bright colors continue
4. Rich Brocade fabrics
5. Bold, Big Florals
We are not sure about you but we sure are ready for warmer weather and Spring 2015 Fashion Trends!

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